Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is caused by a bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi that is spread through the bite of a tick. It is a multi systemic infection and if it is left untreated can travel through the bloodstream, and can cause a myriad of symptoms from sore joints to neuropsychiatric manifestations.

Stage 1 

Early localized infection (The first month)

Bull’s eye rash (erythema migrans) This will be circular and may have a fading spot in the center. Less then half the people infected with Lyme Disease will develop a rash. Flu like symptoms, a couple days after a tick bite, which might include fever, and
general aches and pains that disappear in a couple days. Lack of energy Fatigue Headache Muscle and pain Sore Joints Stiff neck Swollen lymph nodes Lethargy It is important for Lyme Disease to be treated in this stage as to not advance into the next stages.

Stage 2


Extreme Fatigue Migrating pain Overall weakness Severe Pain in joints or muscles Twitching Feeling shaky Severe headaches/head pressure Fainting or near fainting spells Irritability Vision problem Internal buzzing feeling Heart palpitations Panic Attacks Poor memory and concentration problems Mood disorders, unexplained anger, anger or depression

Stage 3


Numbness or tingling in extremities Sleep disturbances such as severe fatigue or insomnia Bells Palsy (partial paralysis of the face) Migrating pain and symptoms Getting lost in common places Problems speaking, word retrieval problems, word block Heart damage, pericarditis Meningitis Depression/Anxiety Digestive Issues Bladder problems Tinnitus, ear ringing or feeling of fullness Poor balance/dizziness Shortness of breath Rib and sternum soreness Fever Night Sweats Vertigo Upset stomach and GI problems Burning and stabbing pains This is a short list of symptoms. Since Lyme Disease is a multi systemic disease, the bacteria can travel anywhere causing a wide range or symptoms. One of the tell tale signs of Lyme Disease is “migrating” symptoms. That is, symptoms that move around or come and go. The best thing to do, is if you have any unexplained symptoms is check with your doctor.