Blood Supply Threatened By Tickborne Parasite Babesia

US blood supplies are becoming increasingly infected with Babesia, a tickborne parasite of red blood cells.The infection is transmitted through blood transfusions.

Since 1979, when transfusion-associated babesiosis was first reported, the number of reported cases has been progressively increasing, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) announced in Annals of Internal Medicine after carrying out a collaborative study of the last thirty years.

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The WLN is looking for new board members

The WLN is looking for new board members interested in moving this nonprofit organization forward.  It has been very challenging to find new board members and it is time for us to pass on our baton.  In order for the WLN to remain a viable nonprofit organization we need 5 board members to replace our current board per our by laws.  The current board would act as a back up to aide in this transition.  If you would be interested in moving the WLN forward please contact Kristin Collins, President via our patient email at